Bond Cleaning Guide For Tenants

Easy To Follow Tips To End of Lease Clean

Bond Cleaning Guide For Tenants

The end of your lease is finally approaching, and you need to clean your home as thoroughly as possible to guarantee that you’ll get your bond back. A lot of landlords will expect that you leave your place as clean as it was the day you moved in. Sometimes, you have to go above and beyond a typical cleaning process to ensure that the entire home is up to par.

Doing an in-depth cleaning of your home may not be the most exciting thing on your task list, but it should get done so that you can get your bond and have a better peace of mind. This comprehensive guide from the bond cleaners in Brisbane will help you in learn all the tools and tips you’ll need to guarantee a good cleaning.

What You’ll Need

If you are looking to invest in the cleaning process on your own, there’s a long list of supplies that you will need to get started. It may seem like an overwhelming task, but with the right materials, you can get it done easily.

Get a head start and gather these materials ahead of time:

– Weed killers
– Insect sprays
– Lawn mowers
– Brooms and dustpans
– Pruning scissors
– Scrubbing brush
– Driveway degreaser
– Vacuum and narrow nozzles
– Stepladders
– Mop & mop bucket
– Gloves
– Paper towels
– Scrubbing sponges
– Screwdrivers
– Squeegees
– Feather dusters
– Cleaning products
– Bleach
– Soap

With these materials at hand, you can safely begin to clean your home.

Start the Cleaning Process

You should start thinking about the cleaning process about a month before the end of your lease. When you begin, make sure to pay just as much attention to your exterior as your interior, taking special care to trim bushes and clean up any dried or falling leaves. You’ll also want to degrease your driveway and take a broom to any dust or debris.

On the inside, you should pay attention to all corners and walls of your rooms. Use cleaning products liberally, and mop your tile and wooden floors. Make sure to get rid of cobwebs from up above, and don’t ignore hard-to-reach areas like the top of a ceiling fan or the space behind the TV. Get out your dustpan and sweep dirty areas before you take a vacuum to them., a leading news source on sanitary maintenance and facility cleaning, states that “daily vacuuming is the key to clean carpets”. Try vacuuming every day leading up to your move-out date. This can keep your carpets and the entirety of your home free of any dust build-up. Plus, you can keep in mind that there’s never such a thing as “too clean”.

Wash the Carpets

You may want to invest in a professional carpet cleaning service before you begin the rest of the bond cleaning process. Make sure the carpets are shampooed and thoroughly dried. Having clean carpets is one of the most important elements of the home that can grant you your bond back.

After the carpets are professionally cleaned, you’ll still want to maintain them on your own. Vacuum them as often as possible, and be very careful not to spill anything on them.

End of Tenancy

Get Rid of Bugs

Insects are the last things that any landlord will want to see upon your exit. The presence of bugs implies that the home is dirty or filled with trash. Use insect sprays around the home to get rid of any existing bugs. There are several sprays you can invest in that will prevent new bugs from getting through as well.

Here are some of the best ways to get rid of bugs:

  • Spray vinegar around all window frames and doors. Bugs hate the smell of vinegar!
  • Put chalk in your closet to keep moths away.
  • Get rid of all standing water, which is attractive to mosquitos.
  • Peel vegetables, which roaches hate!

By controlling the amount of bugs and parasites in your home, you can decrease the risk of losing your bond. Getting rid of insects should be a natural part of the deep-cleaning process.

Hire for Repairs

While you are cleaning your home, you should make sure to give everything a thorough inspection. Pretend you are a home inspector or an appraiser trying to determine the value of your home. If anything is broken, loosened, or in need of repair, don’t hesitate to hire a professional.

Make sure all of your repairs and fixes are done before the landlord walks through your home – remember, everything needs to be in tip-top shape! Try making a checklist of everything that needs to be fixed before the damage becomes known. This can be anything from filling in small holes in the wall to buffing scratches on the hardwood floor.

Get Rid of Garbage!

This should go without saying, but it is a wise idea to get rid of all of your garbage before the move-out date. By the time you are ready to leave, there should be no sign that someone was living in the home. Clear everything of all trash, bins, and piles. This includes checking for dead plants. Everything needs to be perfection in order to get your bond back!

Final Verdict: Inspect, Inspect, Inspect!

You can never be too careful when it comes to bond cleaning. The Residential Tenancies Authority, found at, gives landlords the freedom to establish the terms of a bond between themselves and their tenants. If you want to get your bond back and impress your landlord, you need to make sure you are as thorough as possible. Your tasks go beyond cleaning: You should take care of any repairs, get your carpet professionally cleaned, and trim the plants in your garden. Make sure to spray for bugs and get rid of any leftover garbage you may have. As you get closer to your move-out date, you’ll need to check over and over to see what else needs to be done. By making a checklist and ensuring that every task is completed, you are on your way to a successful bond cleaning.