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Learn About Proper Waste Disposal

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Proper management of rubbish is pretty essential for any household. Rubbish accumulation causes not only environmental pollution but also provides breeding and hiding ground for disease carriers. Besides that, garbage like plastic materials can take over 500 years to decompose, degrading land meant for production. A “zero-waste-future” could be attained if we have more great waste disposal companies like Pro Rubbish Removal, a local removalist based on Southeast Queensland.

Learn how to dispose of rubbish properly

Human activities have impounded a large contribution to the continued increase of rubbish. Therefore, you can see dirty landfills here and there. Smelly eyesores are also rapidly getting overcrowded and emitting methane, carbon dioxide gases, and other pollutants into the atmosphere.

This greatly leads to climate change and global warming experienced in different parts of the world. National Environment Protection Council is constantly making efforts to improve the national framework for wastes management. They implemented policies to avoid waste in the future and provided guidelines on how to dispose the rubbish properly. Below are some actions that you can take at home and in the community.

Step 1: Use multi-storage bins

Sort your rubbish into several bins. You can quickly do this by installing a multi-storage container in a room like a kitchen to sort out garbage whenever they get disposed of easily. By doing so, you can easily and effectively dispose of your rubbish to where it rightfully belongs.

Step 2: Take it to secondhand stores

Collect any reusable garbage like clothing, footwear, or toys and take them to a secondhand store for reselling. This helps eliminate junk items in your home that still have value and can be reused, hence freeing up space in your household.

Step 3: Take the rubbish for recycling

Do you have recyclable items such as paper, plastic, and glass components in your home? You can properly dispose of such garbage by taking them to a nearby recycling center. If there is a recycling pickup moving in your area, place the trash in well-sealed plastic bins in front of your house. It is advisable not to use plastic rubbish bags as they contribute to waste.

Step 4: Use a compost

Compost pits offer the most effective disposal point for food and garden waste. The best thing is that such garbage decomposes within a short period. So, you can create a simple cost pile to dispose of food and any other green waste from your garden.

Plus, you can speed up the decomposition by disposing of the waste in a compost bin with plenty of worms which will digest the trash in no time. After the garbage gets composted, you can reuse it on your farm as a rich fertilizer, which is a big plus.

Step 5: Use garbage collectors

Another great way to properly dispose of your rubbish is to hire a reputable and reliable Rubbish Removal Company. After securing one, collect any remaining debris into a trash can. Be sure to seal the top well to prevent rodents and other animals from getting into it. After that, leave the bin in a place where the garbage collectors can quickly see when they come to pick it up.

Types of Junk, Waste, and Debris


The most common kinds of garbage, junk, and waste include:

• Solid or liquid waste

This type of waste is also called black bags or municipal waste. It is the general rubbish you can find in any household. It exists as solid or liquid.

• Hazardous waste

The government often regulates hazardous waste. It mainly comprises harmful pharmaceuticals, solvents, mercury, certain paints, aerosol containers, and many others. Such garbage tends to be highly flammable, reactive, corrosive, or toxic and can cause public health issues.

• Clinical waste

It includes pharmaceutical waste produced by healthcare centers, clinics, vets, hospitals, and others.

• Electrical waste

Electrical waste or e-waste is a type of garbage produced by electrical gadgets such as computers, printers, DVDs, music players, telephones, TVs, vacuum cleaners, etc. Most of this waste may contain toxic metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can be harmful to humans.

• Construction and demolition debris

These are often weighty and bulky materials produced by construction and renovation projects. It includes rubbish like plumbing fixtures, ceiling tiles, carpeting, concrete, fill dirt, bricks, etc.

• Recyclable waste

These are materials that can be turned into reusable items. They are often found in household rubbish and includes beverage, metal, glass, food containers, paper, and cardboard.

• Green waste

It involves food and garden waste that can decompose over a short time. Such waste includes grass, tree limbs and branches, debris from vegetable harvests, grains, bread, weed clippings, and paper products.Source:

What to expect from a rubbish removalist?

A good rubbish remover should have the following qualities:
  • Fast and reliable
  •  Handles all types of waste
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quality services at affordable charges
  • Well-experienced in rubbish removal


The proper rubbish disposal is a necessary task every one of us needs to practice with a lot of care. It enhances a safe and clean surrounding. eliminates the chances of disease outbreaks and other negative impacts. With the above guide to rubbish removal, we believe you have learned a lot.