Ultimate Guide To Pest Control For Home Owners

Your Personal Pest Control Guide

pest control guide

Even in the most grand of home settings, pests can still pose a great challenge in maintaining the serenity of a home. In addition to that, having a pest infestation can put you and those you interact with at risk of falling victim to pest-related health complications.

Adam Love, a leading expert from Pro Pest Control Sydney said that to have an effective outcome when it comes to the process of pest control, you should use a product or service that works best to suit your specific needs.  With pest management and control, the efficiency of the product or service you use depends on several factors like:

  • the type of pest
  • the kind of house
  • and the occupants

Most pest control practices and products in the market work quite well in getting rid of those tiny home invaders. However, despite that, pests are known to live up to their annoying nature and keep on coming back.

The Importance of Pest Control

Though most pests are naturally occurring and driven by natural causes to make themselves part of human habitation, it is essential to take measures that help keep the pests under control. Likewise, it is important to have the job done by someone who has a great understanding  of the tasks and products involved.

We compiled a list of main reasons why pest control is important, which might have you wishing you’d called that professional pest controller sooner.

importance of pest control

  • Ensuring there is continuity of your safety and well being.

Pests like some ant varieties are well known to cause structural damage to surfaces of either wood or brick setups. These damages can range from mild to severe scenarios that deem your property in need of serious repair works. Ants can eat up the foot of a chair or even a section of the wall, which can cause you serious bodily harm when discovered late.

  • The aesthetic aspect of your business or home.

As long as you are not shacked up in the jungle or a cave, it is quite an eyesore to see pests crawling all over your space. In a business setup, your customers might be quite unappealing to witness pests getting comfortable in your business premises. Not unless your business specializes in selling pet ants and cockroaches. Having unmanaged pest problems in your business can, in the long run, have economic implications. This will determine greatly if and how your customers will relate to you.

  • Pest control is important in the protection of your physical health.

The health implications of living among pests can range from allergic reactions that lead to the formation of skin rashes to a severe case of pain or swelling from insect bites or stings. When you have your necessary pest control measures taken promptly, you save yourself and also protects your wallet.

  • Pest control helps you maintain steady supplies of food and other substances.

Without paying proper attention to rodent infestations, you are prone to have your food supply disrupted. This is because you are likely to be sharing the same with a community of rodents. Besides that, you have a problem of easily blowing out of proportion since the rodents would have seen a habitable environment with plenty of food provisions for them. When you take pest control measures, you put a lock on your food supply. You must show to the infesting pests that your space is not a suitable habitat for them. This means that the pests are less likely to breed or invite more.

In addition to keeping your food supply in check, having proper pest control helps ensure that you have proper food and overall sanitation in your living spaces.

This is because pests are known to roam around places people most frequent. Also, areas that you might forget to clean and disinfect.

Having good pest control services conducted on your home can help improve the overall comfort of your home in cases where you were the victim of a pest infestation. Pests such as fleas and mites cause serious discomfort both to humans and their pets alike.

In a broader perspective, having pest control services conducted on your home gives you a general sense and feel of peace of mind. This sense of peace is made possible since you go about your affairs confidently, knowing that you took a proactive approach in ensuring your home isn’t bothered by pests.

What are some signs that you require pest control?

pests infestation

You must be proactive when it comes to managing pest problems in your home or business. Australia’s DOH  advised these signs that you can look out to warn you about that pest invasion on your space that might be underway.

  • The occurrence of unusual smells that you can not trace anything in your premises.
  • For pet owners, noticing a change in behavior with your pet
  • Bite marks or scratches on food packaging and other surfaces around the house of business premises.
  • Whenever you see that close neighbor making use of the services.
  • When you hear strange noises either on the ceiling or on closed compartments.
  • Sighting of unusual animal droppings around your space.

How often should pest control be done?

Having a pest control job done on your property can be an exhausting endeavor. You have to deal with the fact that strangers would be going through some intimate areas of your home or business.  Pest control exercises can be scheduled to take part at time intervals. With the average frequency being about three to four months in-between visits.

The effectiveness of pest control jobs greatly depends on the physical setup of the place undergoing the extermination. For instance, people living or working near dumpster sites or loading docks are more prone to having trouble with rodents and cockroaches. Therefore, these people are likely to have their pest control exercises scheduled to take place more frequently.

What are some of the health risks associated with pests?

Pests are known the world over to be the main contributor to the spread of diseases throughout different demographic settings. Health effects from pests vary depending on the type of pest and contact between the pest and its human victims. The contact forms can include biting, scratching, and stinging.

One of the most common forms of health implications to humans due to contact with pests is allergic reactions.  Here is an illustration of some of the effects that occur as a result of contact with pests. They include:

  • Scratchy throat, wheezing, shortness of breath, and itchiness in the eyes and throat
  • Cases of vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pains varying from mild to severe, bringing about a need for hospitalization.
  • Itchy skin, patches of rashes, and swelling.

Common Pests in the home that you should look out for include:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Rodents


Pests regardless of its size are known to be a nuisance for those whose home they dwell. Pest control is a key component in ensuring that we stay superior and in charge of the situation regarding the fight against pests.